sxyltlfk (sxyltlfk) wrote in gaycams,

Hello everyone

My name is josh i am a 17 yr old gay male from eastern connecticut,im looking for drama free friends to talk to or hang out with. my main journal is friends only so if your intrested leave me a message.

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hey man, you're pretty good-looking and your dog's adorable too, heheh. checked out your user page and we have some similar interests. add me?
sure ill add you and nice to meet you
thanx, nice to meet u2 :) i'll add ya back.
hey! i lived in connecticut for a year (farmington valley area), and now i'm back home in australia. what part of ct are you in?
im in danielson
you look like benji or joel from good charlotte.

sry, i just had to put my 2 cents in. i'm a girl but ur good looking.. good lucj in ur search for a friend.

<33 kt
Yeah. You are pretty cute. But wasn't it that Australian boys were cute? Why are you in America? ;_;